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Town located in Wisconsin where each morning everyone wakes up and pisses excellence.
Man I hate Waunakee because they dominate my school at everything.
by ribar March 19, 2011
Waunakee, also known as White-a-kee, is a small farming town near the capital of Wisconsin, Madison. The population is literally 99.999999% white, and there is nothing to do there. In order to survive there, you need to be a badass at sports, or be smashed twenty-four/seven.
People from Waunakee: Fuck, Waunakee is the definition of faggotry (aside from Deforest that is).
People from anywhere else: Fuck, Wauankee just kicked our asses at everything. I bet they piss excellence.
by mordecaixx May 11, 2011
waunakee is the worst place to live, if you live here, you need to be shit faced. 24\7.
waunakee, is the gayest place in america.
by mca96 February 23, 2011
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