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A head that belongs in a zoo.

Steven: wtf is with you
Ava: Atleast I don't have randoms calling out "WATTAHEAD" from the other side of the street bitch!
Lilli: BOOM!
Andrew: Wait let me think of a comeback! Let me just finish sucking this guys dick!
by i like coco pops August 28, 2010
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If you see a head that belongs in the zoo then this is a perfect insult, also if u see a person who acts like an animal or like a faggot again u can use this as an insult!

Or someone who can't pose in individual photos, as in they take there pics from a bathroom mirror and there head comes out retarted (wonky).
Student 1: Miss are u gonna check our homework?

Teacher: oh yes, Class I'm going to check all your homework, please open your excersize books now!

Student 2: Sam ur suck a dick! As if u ask the teacher to check our homework, I havnt done it mate!

Student 1: I dnt care u lazy pig u should've done it!

Student 2: Watta head!

Student 1: Ur mum has a big head!

Student 2: Fuck off Fag, teachers pet!
by mooncrater December 22, 2010
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