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A wonderful movie starring Kevin Costner. The movie flopped in the U.S. but managed to double profits overseas. It was filmed in 1995.
Waterworld was some of Costner's best work.
by gofishgo February 09, 2007
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A Term That Describes The World Created By Drinking A Lot The Night Before. Although Those Drinks Appeared At The Time To Have Similar Characteristics To That Of Water, They Lead To Imense Dehydration The Next Day. This Situation Is So Describe, Due To The Dehydrating Effects Of The Highly Available Sea Water In The Film "Water World".
You Drank A Lot Last Night, How Do You Feel.

I'm Surfin Water-World, Get Me Some Juice.
by Absolut Russia November 20, 2006
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The drug infested Amesbury apartment complex located at East 93rd Street and Hough Ave in Cleveland Ohio. "Water" or "Wet" is the street name for the illegal street drug PCP. This apartment complex is known as the epicenter of PCP drug sales in Cleveland
To get the best 'wet' we need to go to Water World.
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
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1. Michigan, coined by the rap group Binary Star, refers to the Great Lakes surrounding the mitten.

2. A really bad Kevin Costner movie.
One.Be.Lo is the illest rapper in waterworld.

Did you see that movie waterworld? It was balls.
by Chris March 04, 2005
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