Unable to take a joke, gets angry over the joke and has no come back, in extreme cases gets facebook groups removed which have no link to the person what so ever.
Person A: Stop calling me Ginger

Person B makes a face book group

Person A: Yeh, That's really not funny

Person B: It is

Person A has the facebook group removed

Person B: I see the group was removed

Person A: Oh, erm, really?

Persom B: Waterfail
by llafretaw ilo January 19, 2010
Top Definition
The act of sexually assaulting a girl in her sleep.
Person 1 - Hey, I got with this girl in a tent the other night, we did some stuff.
Person 2 - Really?
Person 1 - Yeah.
Person 2 - I heard she was half asleep, and you were essentially sexually assaulting her.
Person 1 - She is lying.
Person 2 - Your such a waterfail, you know that don't you.
by Deadwood Punch January 18, 2010
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