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1) A plastic water bottle with its bottom half cut off, with a hole in the side near the top, and a cap with a hole through which the metal part of a pencil has been stuck. Used primarily as a water pressure bong for smoking marijuana. It is used by submerging the bottle in water, plugging the hole on the side near the top with your finger and lighting the weed inside the metal part of a pencil with a lighter while slowly pulling the bottle out of the water so as to fill it with smoke.

2) Water Bongoing- The action where a man operating the water bongo lets a woman breathe in the smoke while he makes sex noises similar to those a man makes while getting head. This is called Water Bongoing.

3) A word which must be said in a British accent and if said in a British accent enough times will allow the speaker to have a perfect British accent for a while.
1) Yo Brov, I did Water Bongo Last night! Pissed my pants brov!

2) Damn that Water Bongoing from Jessica was awesome I almost came.

3) Wa'er Bongo Wa'er Bongo Wa'er Bongo. I'm Bri' ish now.
by Waterbongo February 22, 2011
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