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White, vapid, rich, upper-middle-class twenty-somethings who have deluded themselves into thinking that they are black just because they dress in pretend ethnic clothing and smoke sub-standard soapbar weed, whilst doing their shopping in Camden Lock.
Often found in Goa "discovering themselves" (using money given to them by their parents), waving their sun-bleached dreads around and dancing to the combined sounds of a deaf man banging a pot off his arse and a monkey chewing a rape alarm.
A:( Snivelling white guys with dreads and fake yardie accents):

"Alright mannnnnn, fancy smokin'some trees of weeeeeed."

B:(Man with his dignity still intact):

"Fuck off, you wastafarians."
by The Nouns of Love January 16, 2009
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White rastafarian. Caucasian male in dreadlocks, a rasta hat and a Bob Marley t shirt. One who dishonors the late Bob Marley
by Macadaciouse June 18, 2004
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Someone who relies on the system of Wasta to get things done; using contacts/influence to bypass the proles. Used in the Middle East.
Shuu man, you don't have the grades, how are you going to get the job at E&Y?

Khalas man, don't worry, I'm a Wastafarian. I spoke to my uncle and he'll set it up.
by hitsamty November 06, 2008
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