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Located in Gaithersburg, MD. Once the best place to meet and hookup with chicks. Unfortunately ghetto people and middle schoolers have taken over. Unless you're in the mood for some Friedchickenisha or a 12 year old girl you gotta go else where to get some digits. The increase amount of security has also made this old gold mine less attractive.
20 year old: Back when I was 16 I'd go to rio with all my buds, meet a girl and take her behind the bushes across the lake and slide into 3rd base every Friday and Saturday at the Washingtonian Center.

16 year old: Man I wish I could of experienced that. I went there last night and it was just a sausage fest with the occasional ghetto girl. I don't think I'll ever get some pootang there.
by The Rio God November 26, 2010
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