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A male who possesses a small penis that is stunted in growth and therefore is inadequately equipped for sexual relations. Due to their inadequacy, most wasels give up on life in general, retreating to a cold dark cave to live their life as a wasel- hermit. Studies have shown that 100% of females prefer males who are non-wasels.
"Bob was use to living life as a loner, exiled from society and rejected by women. Why, you ask? Because he's a wasel."

Female 1: "How did you get so good at pretending?"
Female 2: "My husband is a wasel."
by Nut_Job_ January 22, 2015
A phenomenal person with a huge penis.
'Woah, those girls are on him, he must be Wasel'
by Duuuuuuuuuude. May 23, 2010

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