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A small town tucked away in Kosciusko county that is known as the Orthopedic capital of the world. No, not for the old people that live there, but for the hidden companies that are world class. Meth heads without teeth rule the hidden depths of the town and pick the pockets of the local economy. Think about people that are making medical implants that should really be cooking your french fries the next time you are having surgery. Gestapo police making random pullovers hoping you have a meth lab in your bucktoothed filled mini-van. If you have a taste for the vanilla verses chocolate wars,consider the fact that it is also Tom Metzger's home town, the undisputed king of the Aryan Nation...happy driving brother. One more note. if fat diabetic girls are your flavor, pitch a tent and enjoy the sloppy ride...bon appitite
warsaw, Indiana
by gumballhead77 February 13, 2011