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Any town where the local water supply smells, and probably tastes, like feces.
"Gee, this is some foul-smelling and tasting Warrensburg!"
by J. Taco April 28, 2003
28 16
A town in Upstate New York and it is also known as Burgerville and Pot Central. Alot of Honkys live here.
Burgerville!! Yea!! Go Burger Meister!!
by Faq Mi Hue Jass August 06, 2004
20 22
A city in Missouri which holds the most retarded people on the face of the Earth. Central Missouri State University is also found here.
Mike: Eww man you're born in Warrensburg?

Some d00d: Yeah, sucks huh?
by Miguel "Bai-yeh-ho" April 27, 2003
26 50