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Any town where the local water supply smells, and probably tastes, like feces.
"Gee, this is some foul-smelling and tasting Warrensburg!"
by J. Taco April 28, 2003
A mostly random, excessively dark and brooding condition. Best diagnosed by tell-tale symptoms of soul searching, pondering, dark episodes, etc. by the afflicted. Chronic sufferers: Batman, Swamp Thing, Aquaman.
Every comic since the mid-eighties.
by J. Taco April 28, 2003
"Do-able Mom." Basically, a woman with children who has managed to retain a high level of sex appeal. Synonymous to the more well-known "MILF."
"Wow! Check out the rack on that D.M."
by J. Taco April 28, 2003
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