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Warish (war-ish) adj. Being completely exhausted from work or partying that you feel as though a war has taken place inside your body. It comes from the word 'war'.
Tim: "Hey, did you manage to pull off that all-nighter?"

Daniel: "Yeah, but now I feel so warish!"


Carmen: "Wow, I feel so warish this morning!"

Bella: "I know, we shouldn't have had those last two tequillas."
by AdMad89 May 30, 2011

(adj.) The feeling of being completely exhausted and over-run from too much activity; be it working, partying, studying, etc.

It comes from the word 'war' - You feel like a you were the battleground of a war.
Doug: How did your all-nighter go last night?

Ted: I managed to finish the assignment but now I feel completely warish!


Rebbeca: What a mad party! I feel really warish now.

Cindy: I said we shouldn't have had those last two tequillas!
by AdMad89 May 10, 2011

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