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To be all over something, beat up badly.
We wapped them last nite in the game.
by foles31 January 28, 2010
Word used to describe Wappingers Falls, NY by those who braved the tough streets of Wapps
Johnny: Yo man, where you from?
Mike: Wapps, dog, you?
Johnny: I'm from da tough streets o' Po-town, bro!
Mike: Righteous *peace sign*
by Z-dizzle April 16, 2008
Origin: A popular term relating to the use of the IPhone and Blackberry instant messaging application Whatsapp.

Verb: To instant messgae a friend using Whatsapp. Wapp them.

Derivitives: Wapped, Wapping.
Bing: "Wapping is the new talking!"

GMix: "I'll wapp Paul to see what the plan is"

Daveo "I wapped Baz but he didn't reply he must be pumping iron"
by GeekUnique January 15, 2010
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