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Something that is fantastic. Or anything that has good vibes or meaning. Used in place of "word" "sweet" or "awesome" also. It is a word that can me anything positive that you would like.
"So whats waple?"
"Nm, going to see this totally waple movie i saw an add for"
"Waple. Who you bringing"
"Just these totally waple people i met the other day"
"Any of them waple?"
"One chick is totally waple"
by Vyramine July 25, 2011
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A person who possesses little to no IT literacy, but insists they know what they are talking about on the subject.

A Waple is the bane of every IT departments lives, often changing things that they have no right to change & then expecting the IT department to sort the problems that invariably arise.
"When Tim decided to setup his own 3g network inside a portacabin, with parts he bought from the local mobile phone shop, he proved his ineptitude when asking it to be connected to the companies secure network, that Tim is such a Waple"
by Harry The Hambler November 09, 2009

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