1.Someone who wishes they are someone that they're not.

2. A poser. Usually someone who refers to themselves as goth, scene, or emo.
Yes I am a wannabe.

I wish I was Hermione Granger...
by gryffindorpride July 26, 2011
someone who tries to be popular by wearing abercrombie, being a poser, & trying to act cool. no matter how hard they try, they'll also be a shitty poser.
jessica the alpha: heyy brittany!! did u see isadora's juicy dress? she is such a wannabe!! she actually thinks she can be accepted into our group!! UGH!!

brittany: i did see her!! i hate her!! UGH!!
by hollisterchick1994 April 06, 2009
A failure attempt to be something you don't fit in
"She wants to be artist, when she can't even draw stick, totally a wannabe bitch"
"Pakis wants to be Arab with their terrible funny accents & filthy Austo looks, such a wannabe losers "
by ◕_~ August 21, 2016
A wannabe is someone in Carlisle who wants to be a gypsy. Carlisle slang 😊
Your a wannabe.
via giphy
by GypsyGirl112 September 18, 2016
Wannabe is someone who emulates that style of dress attitude but doesn't live the life it seems more like a presumptive word at one time we wore whatever our caretakers made us wear as we got older we saw different styles of dress that may have appealed to our sense of fashion so we began mimicking that style of dress no one is born wearing mascara or dressed like a skater gangster etc.. We wore whatever we thought would attract a mate fit in, be cool whatever the point is the clothing make-up hairstyle had to be witnessed first so in that sense we are all wannabes If it makes you feel confident and empowered to take on the world then Rock it girlfriend!!!
He's dressed like a skater what a total wannabe
by shabba ranx October 19, 2015
Someone pretends to be someone there not,usually they pretend to be Emo,goth,scene or punk.
Also known as poser
Me:Hey guys
Me:t(-.-t) Fuck you wannabe
by VivianRose February 20, 2015
People who "THINK" they are something that in reality they are NOT, however, they don't realize this, due to their lack of brains,therefor they imitate others personalities in order to feel good with themselves.
Usually teenagers that work in fast food restaurants who use their whole salary to fancy themselves as preps ALSO goth even if they can't tell the difference between punk-rock and pop-rock or between a public school and a Private Preparatory.
Andrea:I saw Jose Santiago yesterday at the mall his such a prep !!

Anthony:He was probably expending his whole bi-weekly salary & the money he borrowed from me on a pair of designer jeans.

Andrea:That's so STUPID why would you want to do that??

Anthony:Because he is a prep WANNABE!! He has yet to realize that we go to a public school & that he rides the bus.

Andrea:(sigh)No wonder he can't get his 87' BMW fixed he never has any money in the pocket. Poor loser, I MEAN wannabe !!
by Anthony d'blue October 22, 2007
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