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This goes back to the famous Schrodinger's cat experiment. Is the cat alive or dead? You don't know till you open the box, or smell it some months after. Either way, in state theory, if you don't know which state something is in, it is said to be in a "wankbat" state. This fuzziness has more recently been applied to quantum computing, which moves away from the binary model of 1s and 0s, to 1s, 0s or Wankbat. Researchers have found that most software development lingers in a Wankbat state for most of a project's duration.
"It was just a wankbat situation. I didn't know whether the cat was alive or dead."
by Paul Grainger July 30, 2004
An instrument used during the Spanish inquisition to prevent young Catholics from going astray.
"Erold, stop playing with that thing, the Inquisition is on its way with the biggest wankbat you've ever seen."
by Paul Grainger July 30, 2004
1.Someone who is about to wank off !!
2. Nonsecical term used on
Sam"Wheres fred"?
George "where do you think that twat is hes off giving himself a wankbat"
Sam "bloody hell"!
by bob January 05, 2004
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