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A mark created on the cheek or forehead from being slapped roughly in the face by a man's genitalia. In some cultures, wangwelts are considered to be a symbol of achievement, similar to an animal marking its territory.

"She mine!" - quote from a man after administering a wangwelt to his new ladyfriend.

Is sometime also referred to as a "Dubdub".
Care and feeding of Wangwelts

Detection Prevention - Wangwelts can be handily hidden by women/men who do not wish to openly display their Double-Ws (Wangwelts). Double-Ws can be hidden by cover-up or ski masks.

Duration - Wangwelts last one to two weeks depending on both the solidity of the offending genitalia, as well as the severity of the impact to the face. Weekends are the best time to administer a new Wangwelt, as it gives them time to fully blossom before displaying them at your place of work.
by Malevolon January 11, 2011

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