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1. the Chinese doppleganger of Dick Lugar
2. one of the coolest nicknames ever- representing all the fun of phallus with the power of firearms
3. a guy who sprays his manly juices all over when he cums, instead of in a clean stream
1. wow that chinese guy looks a lot like that dick lugar guy. guess his name is wang shotgun
2. Bro 1: I want an awesome nickname, something that says "I have a dick so big it can kill someone"
Bro 2: How about Wang Shotgun
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!
3. chick 1: How was that guy you hooked up with last night?
chick 2: EW! He was a total Wang Shotgun I had to wash my hair twice!
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!
by boosh chugger May 11, 2009

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