A very weird thing, that is in no way describable
That was the weirdest thing ever, it must have been a wanda
by elysa June 26, 2003
the name of the fish belonging to the character Ken in the 1988 film "a fish called wanda" starring john cleese, michael palin, jamie lee curtis and kevin kline. Ken is infatuated with her, but she meets a grizzly end at the hands of the character otto. Wanda does not have a speaking role.
Ken: Hello Wanda!
by Laraweasil June 08, 2009
A local Bombay word .. which basically means .. We are facing with a small problem . Usually the mafia and the local goons use this kind of language but is really popular among teens too because of the humor in it
Abhi udhar aur ek wanda ho gaya abhi .. Anees Bhai ko tapka diya Malik ne
by jaispeaks April 08, 2004
wanda is a punjabi word used for cow food. It is prepared by mixing some plant leafs, some minerals and edible oils.
Kia aglay haftay kay lie kaafi wanda hai

Do we have enough animal Food for next week
by shahzad December 23, 2004
wanda c. s.
the only real definition on this page is this one.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
Slang term for "do you wanna see my wang?"
"I was hanging out with Jackie the other day, and man, she wanda"
by CrucialTK August 01, 2006
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