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A word derived from the word "wanker". This word has the same meaning as "wanker" but is only spelt differently on social internet sites such as msn, myspace, facebook and twitter.This because the 'm' and 'n' are together and when typing with speed more often than not you hit the wrong letter. Also, as you are sending the message quickly, you do not properly proof-read. This can cause embarrassment for yourslef especially when a friend points out the obvious mistake and instantly makes fun of you.
Josh: Lindsay, you are a total wamker
Lindsay: wamker, is that a new term?
Josh: Shut up Lindsay... leave me alone you're embarising me.
Lindsay: Oh shut up Josh! You are such a girl!
Josh: sad face
Lindsay: Cry and i hit you with this golf club....
Josh: Yes M'am
by Hsoj!!! August 30, 2009
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