A dedicated and hardcore Kate Walsh fan. Walshies know basically everything about Kathleen Erin Walsh. Most famously known for her portrayal of Dr. Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery on the ABC hit show Private Practice.

Also known as a Walshaholics
I know this girl and she converted me into a total Walshie
by k8fan May 18, 2010

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An awesome person who worships the ground Kate Walsh walks on. They are generally awesome, crazy, super nice fans who flail over anything and love to quote Kate Walsh in their everyday speak. They love to talk, ramble, spam, and are not at all stalkerish.
Walshie: Hello I love to party...this is how I roll. Bokay, so I'm not gonna lie to you but WALSH HAS A NEW PLAY IN NEW YORK!! Woohoo!

Non-Walshie: Oh, cool.

Walshie: And OH MY GAGA. Walsh twittuh'd me! It was the best thing evuh!

Non-Walshie: Ok.

Walshie: Oh guess what? Yesterday, I had a little game night at my house for a bunch of people... they love to play games... crazy games -

Non-Walshie: Can we just talk? Like regular people?

Walshie: ...OMG. You just quoted Walsh!

Non-Walshie: I did?

Walshie: Someone's gonna get outed -

*Non-Walshie walks away*

Walshie: ...I just wanted to show them I wasn't a crazy weirdo.
by donutsxnoodles May 25, 2010

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