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When you Wolly Womp the Walsack. You will need:
*A loud, Caucasian, Spanish-speaking male.
*A local Wal-Mart.
*And some lead-based Chinese toys.

Head over to the Wal-Mart and find the cleaning aisle.
Then proceed to insert the lead-based toys into the Walsack's anal cavity. And then have the Walsack ghost ride the whip in the Wal-Mart Parking lot shouting obscene Mexican phrases. The pain from the lead-based chinese toys stretching and tearing his anus will be incentive enough.
Man 1: Look Mr. Walsack, lead-based Chinese toys.

Man 2: NO! Not the Walsack Wolly Womper!?!?
by Sean139 October 07, 2007
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