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To own a person, animal, or an object, and especially a woman in an extremely offensive manner. The highest form of ownage. Often do walrus-slaps leave the recipient feeling hurt and rejected, and an apology or an "I'm just kidding" is usually required to maintain the friendship. Also, if you are present when a walrus-slap takes place, you must dance around the victim, screaming "bitchdick" for it to be a complete walrus-slap.
"Susan, that dress makes you look like you have a giant dick" stated Dan, defiantly.
"Bitchdick! Bitchdick!" screamed everyone else.
Susan gaped in awe, she had been walrus-slapped.
by Taylor Wh. September 12, 2007
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Flat-palm slapping a woman's wet vagina. The hand resembles a walrus "flipper" and the wet slap will remind one of the sound of waves crashing.
"Here comes the walrus slap!"
"Wait what--"
by Twist of Lemon February 17, 2013

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