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An Island off the coast of Barrow in Furness.

This marshy wasteland is home to various different types of scum, most noticeably the teenage girl, who is often seen around the island giving birth, smoking or drinking White-lightning Cider.

All vegetation is sparse on the island due to the island behind in close proximity to Sellafield, a nuclear power plant. This power-plant has been accused for many of the islanders having 11 toes or extra eye's, although scientist's have proved this has been due to incest.

Another common sight on the island is the Red-cheeked chav. This species of parasite is growing at an alarming rate. They are nocturnal, and are often only seen in parks and bus stops late a night. They feed off cheep booze and Fish and Chips, although a small number of people claim they have seen the Chav's eating KFC Family Buckets. The reason for the red cheeks is understood to be due to exposure to alcohol from a very young age.

The island itself was once part of the USA, but the US Government were sick of the trouble caused and so pushed the island out into the sea. Unfortunately for the people of Cumbria it landed just off their coastline, turning a once beautiful part of the world into something that can only be described as a hell hole.
PLEASE NOTE: Those who step foot on the island of Walney are likely to be attacked or pestered by a Chav or indeed a fat person.
by Crickenholme May 22, 2008
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