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Also called "The kill" by idiots who think they live in 'da hood'. A town in upstate new york,bordering the asshole of nowhere which quite literally consists of a rusty water tower,two gas stations,Two pizza places,a chinese place,three delis,a hardware store, two prisons,A barber shop,and a bus garage. The town exists almost solely to funnel retail drones and commuters to larger,even less interesting towns in the area. Most of the female population under the age of 25 is incredibly loose,has VD, and their own heads shoved so far up their own asses they could wear them as hats,and the male population has the combined IQ of a shoebox. Literacy rates are in the single digits, Drug abuse is rampant,and unemployment is mind-numbingly high,likely due to its proxmity to newburgh and its inhabitants.
"Drive down the road till you see two retards fuckin'. Then drive another mile. Now you're in wallkill."

If you enjoy knowing your children will be disease ridden, Meth addicted high school dropouts,Wallkill is a highly advisable place to raise your children.
by Vic Krueger August 30, 2010
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When a relative or obscure acquaintance posts a comment on your facebook wall.
Examples of a Wall Kill:
Aunt X on Niece X's wall:
So, I heard you're an Atheist. Isn't it a little hypocritical that an Atheist celebrates Christmas? Do you have a website or more information I could read?

Mom X on Son X's wall:
Jamie! Your New Year Party photos are nuts! Give me a call sometime.
by aridub November 25, 2009

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