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The Wallcow was found during the early ages of the clockspider chronicles, it was thought to be able to stop the Clockspider with its convulted roses surgically fused to its head by none other than the mighty limecat with his high alchemy spell from runescape. Shortly after being given his mighty convulted roses by Limecat, the Limecat offered his own lime body as a live sacrifice to provide nutriuence to produce the Jupiter sized king of cheese. Over the years the Wallcow ate the Limecat in the Dragonball Z time chamber to save time, he at so slow it was as if he was eating the grass off his mothers grape field. He produced the cheese by learning yoga, milking him self with his hoves into his mouth and then stirring it with his tongue. The process is not to be reconed with, it is beyond Pa1ny the indian fruit salesmans power. The Clock Spider unfortuantly dropped his mighty pasty while the Wallcow made the heavy hurricane like vibrations from the swirling tongue, the Clockspider is not impressed, he now can not make his web behind the relative's clock. Have mercy on the the mortals souls because the Clockspider does not take a dropped pastie in a light manor.
Wallcow is great.
by Seagullking April 20, 2009
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