Same as wall candy

Meaningless 'pretty-pretty' art.
That is some expensive and shallow wall-candy
by Farnham 15 March 06, 2005
Top Definition
Paint chips. Derived from the occurrence of physical and mental problems in children who were ignorant of the dangers of ingesting dried flakes of lead-based house paint, claiming to have eaten "wall candy" is an indication of possible induced pathological stupidity. See Penny Arcade, 1999 Oct 18, "Boob Raider".
Tycho: "You ate a lot of paint as a kid, huh."
Gabe: "You mean wall candy?"
-- Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins
by Dr. O July 17, 2003
Lead paint
"You ate lead paint as a child didn't you?"
"What, wall candy?"
by Cheezu$ June 21, 2003
When one's profile on a networking website i.e. Facebook is covered with comments from attractive looking members of the opposite sex. As a rule of thumb, the more Wall Candy the better off the owner of the "Candied" Wall.
"Damn dude looks like Mike has stepped up his game."
"How so?"
"Bro his Facebook...littered with Wall Candy"
"Hell yeah. Bomb"
by MarcLittle February 02, 2009
First heard March 2005. Term of derision used to describe purely decorative work of art, such as you would find for sale in a department store and usually mass produced by a 'sell-out' artist.

same as wall-candy
£300 for that painting of a daisy? It's just wall-candy. Must have taken about 30 minutes to paint.
by Farnham 15 March 06, 2005
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