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Legendary Blood Elf Warlock.

Evil is as evil does.

A warlock doesn't need to eat,drink, sleep or even breath. A warlock can subsist solely through the suffering of their enemies.

Behold those who have power, and who are not afraid to wield it. Behold... the warlocks

"Oderint Dum Metuant"
Translated from Latin it means; "Let them hate us, so long as they fear us."
Man that guy is a real Walkerbo.

Charlie Sheen is a warlock but Walkerbo is THE WARLOCK!
by Walkerbo October 21, 2011
Legendary Blood Elf Warlock where the fear fears him.
Walkerbo the fear of a path to the dark side...
by Onzzy October 25, 2011
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