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a term used to refer to zombies by those living in a zombie infested world.
While Johnny looted the adult bookstore, Two walkers bit his ankle.
by CooCooCoo January 26, 2006
A walker is someone who roams about, usually in public, in an altered state or appearing to be dead and still be amublatory. The altered state is induced by drug use, alcohol use, or in some cases a walker is just a derelict person.

Named after zombies / the walking dead. Similar to a methpire, only more whacked out and less animated.

methpire stoner addict derelict zombie undead drunk lush junkie
Police officer 1: Hey, look over there in the alley, we got a walker!" Police officer 2: Damn! He must have smoked some good shit to be trying to walk through that wall!
by Peter Vincent Methpire Slayer February 08, 2012
Zombie-like person, without a soul, who lacks any qualification for their job, and who appoints similar cronies for jobs at which they have zero quaification.
That A-hole Walker is sucking the life out of this state.
by Richinbunlygoodness October 09, 2012
sexual tasting chrisps originated in leiceste UK
and now has become world famous

sponsers leceister city football club
yummy salt and vinegar walkers,
at an awards evening
"the award to best chrisps go to....WALKERS"
and the crowed goes wild
by duuuuuuuuuude November 14, 2007
Asshole, motherfucker
Wow he was being a Walker today
by Spiderman1423513462536532 October 03, 2011
A Walker is a guy with a huge weiner who likes to show it off to everyone. Either is a hillbilly or redneck.
Have you seen that guys weiner? Must of been a Walker.
by Recdli October 13, 2011
the last drink you take "to go" on your way from a tailgate to the event. The walker is frequently a red party cup.
Dude, the game is about to start. Pour me a walker.
by ruamy August 21, 2010
A large tank-like vehicle, only with legs rather than tracks, ergo the name "Walker"
Walkers are not humanoid in design and should not be confused with mechs
A walker can have any number of legs from 2 upwards
"Imperial Walkers!" -referring to the AT-ATs of Star Wars fame
by random Star Wars-liking person January 11, 2006