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Tough-sounding old english yeoman term. To be The Walkden means to be unsurpassably the best or the most respected in a particular field (or in your own mind). Hence, you can never be just A Walkden. One always has to be referred to as The Walkden. There is only One Walkden: The Walkden. Often-times someone will refer to themselves as The Walkden to emphasise their untouchable level of preternatural talent and to indicate the inevitability of victory. Ultimately, The Walkden will be the final and only judge on all matters, and must be deferred to.
friend 1: fancy a game of darts
friend 2: for sure mon frere. The Walkden fucking loves to throw things

friend 1: Dude! you must be nervous about fighting Butterbean and Kimbo Slice tomorrow night?
friend 2: The Walkden has no fear. i'll do a proper number on 'em. Thats how The Walkden eats

friend 1: That new series of C.S.I is pretty wix man
friend 2: mange tout. but is it worth The Walkden's time?

friend 1: sorry mate. neither a borrower nor a lender be is my motto
friend 2: yeah, but you'll lend The Walkden a score innit

philospohical friend 1 talking to himself: The Walkden is as The Walkden does
by terrakillmywixshizzler April 05, 2011
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