A girl who pretends to go out with a gay guy so that people think he's straight.
Jim: "So did hear that Paul's got a girlfriend? I thought he was gay."
Sam: "Oh, he is. She's just a Walk-In Closet so his mom doesn't find out he's gay."
by Frankieoxo November 29, 2008
A small room in a house that functions as a closet. Named so because you can walk into it.
Our new house is huge, I even have my own Walk-In Closet !
by family funday November 14, 2008
A closeted married man who hosts young men when his wife is out shopping
I went over to this guys house and he was a total walk-in closet. His wife came back with shopping bags right as we were finishing up.
by killfukmary October 10, 2014
A woman who is beard or disquise for a gay man that has not come out.
Tad doesn't want his boss to know that he is gay, so Julie is totally being his walk-in closet.
by Dylan Cole September 18, 2008

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