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Emotional tension and anger that arises while standing in the checkout lines at Wal-Mart, usually at night.

This occurs when there is only one to two cashiers working while 50 people in front of you have shopping carts full of cheap-ass groceries; meanwhile, you only have some beer or a lean cuisine to purchase.

Accompanied by constant looking around for newly opened lanes. Tension subsides by the customer saying, "Fuck it!" and leaving all of his/her items in an irresponsible location for someone else to put away while leaving the establishment cursing the store and vowing to never visit Wal-Mart again, however, you know that you are lying to yourself.
Never go to Wal-Mart with Victor, he has the biggest case of Wal-Rage I've ever seen.
by phucket November 22, 2007

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The act of getting pissed off at Walmart:
The other customers were so rude that I had walrage and yelled at my wife.
by Leongabriel May 26, 2013