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Many different varients for this saying

Whats up, Whats going on, WTF?..

Check the examples for common usage by the man himself~
Chester P Hackenbush Wah Blow
When the police pull you over (Wha Blow)
When you see a guy you know you tell 'im (Wha Blow)
When you see a pretty girl you ask (Wha Blow)
A guy you don't know wants weed (Wha Blow)
My mpc breaks down (Wha Blow)
To all my people locked in jail (Wha Blow)
To people say they wanna battle me (Wha Blow)
I listen to their style and i wonder (Wha Blow)
If a dance is dead and you've paid (Wha Blow)
If you don't get paid for a show (Wha Blow)
If your record label rips you off (Wha Blow)
You get 'em on the phone and you ask (Wha Blow)
by MoGG84 June 24, 2009
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Wats going on?!
Wat you up to?
I tell dem WAH BLOW like Taskforce!!
by Hybrid Kaula January 08, 2008
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An affectionate term of saying 'hello'
Wahblow rudeboy, mans is lookin to get some ring ting ting. Get me?
by Jason the main man May 15, 2005
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chav languge for hello
"wahblow mate wat ya doin"
by killing_darknes August 16, 2006
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