1) a biscuit
2) the slang term for a bum hole after anal sex
'Jacob did your mum give you have a wagon wheel for lunch?'

'Jacob did you get a wagon wheel from that party?'
by Curley's wife May 13, 2013
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The act of gathering in a circle and passing around a handle of Jack Daniels while "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show plays on repeat. Wagon Wheeling ends when the bottle is finished.
My friends and I wanted to get drunk fast last night, so we wagon wheeled before going out.
by ak144 October 06, 2010
When a group of gentleman arrange in a circle, and gingerly touch the tips of their peni. It’s not gay, just more like a special handshake or an expression of joy.
“Good job on securing that recent win, chum! Shall we celebrate by forming a wagon wheel?”
by Dane Hansen August 06, 2012
A street term for round white generic 2mg alprazolam (xanax) pills.
Yo, what's the ticket on those wagon wheels man?

I just popped a few wagon wheels and I can barely walk.
by Eatingdrugsalot February 27, 2011
30 inch rims. Called Wagons Wheels because they look like wagon wheels that would be used on Old-West Covered Wagons.
"Im sweatin like a foo, i just bought tha pill, lookin down on you boys on them chrome wagon wheels, im rollin rollin on these wagon wheels."

-Project Pat
by DonnieHack December 03, 2007
To form a circle and sing Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show while passing a bottle of booze around until its contents are consumed.
There's a half bottle left and no top. Hey, should we just wagon wheel this?
by Portlandiaisreal July 28, 2013
The segment in a bukkake porn video where the woman's face is surrounded by four or more erect penises. Shown from an overhead angle it resembles a wagon wheel.
that was hot when the guys surrounded her and gave her the wagon wheel
by San Quentin June 21, 2009

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