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A helicopter with a waffle in it.
The wafflecopter, by its other name, Waffles on a Helicopter, is a lesser known prequel to the movie Snakes On A Plane.
by Phildor July 24, 2006
26 26
A wafflecopter is a helicopter that makes people happy because some people just like a helicopters... but its true function is dropping waffles to the people below to make them even happier.
1. Wafflecopters make me happy people I get free food.
2. Those damn wafflecopters, stop dropping waffles on the ground everywhere, you are getting shit on them.
by KoKo37 November 26, 2006
57 14
How Elmer Fudd says ROFLcopter.
1: I set my language on Google to Elmer Fudd.
2: Wafflecopter.
by TKWolfgang August 20, 2010
7 4
A word people accidently pronounce when hearing the word "ROFLcopter".
Man 1: It's a ROFLcopter!
Man 2: A Wafflecopter?
Man 1: No! A ROFLcopter dumbass.
by J Neawer 2 November 20, 2009
6 7