A helicopter with a waffle in it.
The wafflecopter, by its other name, Waffles on a Helicopter, is a lesser known prequel to the movie Snakes On A Plane.
by Phildor July 24, 2006
Top Definition
A wafflecopter is a helicopter that makes people happy because some people just like a helicopters... but its true function is dropping waffles to the people below to make them even happier.
1. Wafflecopters make me happy people I get free food.
2. Those damn wafflecopters, stop dropping waffles on the ground everywhere, you are getting shit on them.
by KoKo37 November 26, 2006
How Elmer Fudd says ROFLcopter.
1: I set my language on Google to Elmer Fudd.
2: Wafflecopter.
by TKWolfgang August 20, 2010
When your Netflix and chilling whilst eating waffles, and he unexpectedly whips it out and starts helicoptering in front of you.
Yo Ivy I was Netflix and Chilling with Brad and we were eating waffles, then he started helicoptering out of nowhere. It was sick!
Hes such a wafflecopter
by Poobypotatoe June 07, 2016
A word people accidently pronounce when hearing the word "ROFLcopter".
Man 1: It's a ROFLcopter!
Man 2: A Wafflecopter?
Man 1: No! A ROFLcopter dumbass.
by J Neawer 2 November 20, 2009
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