Top Definition
1) The act of fucking a waffle.
2) When one fucks a breakfast item.
3) Using your own jizz as syrup on your waffles.
Man: Yo what'd you do for breakfast this morning?

Other man: I had a nice waffle fuck today !

Man: OH! That would explain the hole in your waffle then.
by Ball Droppers July 24, 2011
9 Words related to Waffle Fuck
1. Having sexual intercourse with twenty plus women, all of whom are lying in a checkerboard pattern.
example: He's into kinky shit, like waffle fucking.
2. An alternate term for "what the fuck?".
example: Waffle fuck is going on?
I just lost my waffle fuck virginity last night!
by boogerfeed February 24, 2008

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