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Noun: a good time, a party, a festival, or celebration of mystic qualities. Very popular among poets, musicians, philosophers, Indians, and habitual drug users
verb: to waccatagma, to do something phenomonal or off the wall

(note: This tradition was formed in the bowels of the North Carolina Swamp Country, and this word, as coined by artists and mystics can be used as any part of speech)
Waccatagma (WAH-KA-TAHG-MAH)

Dude 1: Are you going to the Waccatagma tonight
Dude 2: hell yeah!

Dude 1: I'm gonna Waccatagma like no tomorrow

Also used as a chant:
Dudes, and Dudettes in unison: WACCATAGMA! WACCATAGMA! WACCATAGMA!
by Lunatic0Fringe February 05, 2010
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