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"Voila" for idiots.

"Voila" is French for "Look Here" but people who are clueless sometimes say or spell it "Wa-lah" because the French do not pronounce the "V" as clearly as English speakers would.
A - "Instead of buying Godiva chocolates, I scooped canned frosting out onto a plate. Wa-lah! Truffles!"
B - "Don't you mean 'Voila!'"
A - "That's what I said! 'Wa-lah!' Obviously you've never been to Paris, the City of Lights."
by Buffyogabod December 20, 2007

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To define a moment of excitement or extreme happiness. Also can be said after any sentence in the phrase "say walah".
"Damn I just found 5$ on the floor, say walah!!!!"

"Whos your daddy, say walah!!!"

"My boy Aaron lives in coney island, so you know he keep that thang thang on deck". Word? Say walah!!!

"Ima walah all over you girl"
by Hhabla May 19, 2013