stands for What Would Tyra Do? As in Tyra Banks. If you ever watch anything she's on she always talks about herself and how she would do anything. Taken from WWJD, or What Would Jesus Do. When in doubt just ask,"WWTD?"
Sarah:"Man, I don't know about this I'm so confused. What should I do?"

Holly:"I don't know. WWTD?"
by hollypp May 30, 2007
Acronym for "What Would Tiger Do," often used to imply, in any given situation, would Tiger Woods would do; is usually meant to be used in a sex-related scenario.
Man 1: Dude, my wife caught me cheating with another woman. She's planning to leave me. What should I do?
Man 2: Ask yourself, WWTD.
Man 1: Oh. So pay my wife to stay with me while continuing to have sex with my mistress?
by LuiJ January 16, 2010
Stands for "What would Teresa do?"...she's the phunky bitch who has no dating fear or shame. This phrase should be used in bars and other pick-up places when one is feeling shy or scared to approach a guy. In these situations, one can use the basic pick-up line "Hey, gotta girlfriend? Wanna go out?" etc.
Two girls in a bar, staring at some hot dude a few tables down.

Girl #1: "I can't do it. I just can't do it.
#2: "Just go say hi...just walk up to him and say hi!"
#1: "I don't think I can do it."
#2: "Dude. WWTD?"
#1: "You're totally right. I'm going."
by P. Beyotch January 15, 2007
What Would Tyra Do. As in Tyra Banks. Kind of like W.W.J.D. but with pizzaz. Tyra loves to talk about herself and explain how she does things. So when in doubt, ask yourself ,"What would tyra do, or WWTD?"
"Should I stick my booty out or tuck it in?"

"I don't know, W.W.T.D."

by hpp May 25, 2007

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