What Would McLovin Do?
When your being chastized by police officers, ask yourself: WWMD, or What would McLovin do?
by michael j. peterson jr March 23, 2008
Top Definition
What would MacGyver do?

A question you can ask yourselves when you are stuck in any kind of situation.
If you get locked in a room, ask yourself, WWMD?
by Chis Dalla October 23, 2007
What Would Megatron Do?

This simple question helps us look into our darker selves when wondering what ethical route we should take.
My enemy turned his back to me. Hmmm, WWMD?

I'm low on energy. WWMD?

He's begging for mercy. WWMD?

Strive for peace or world domination? WWMD?
by CGVZ May 19, 2008
WWMD - What Would Marty Do?

A question that some filmmakers ask themselves when they want to achieve an unvconventional shot or angle in their film.

Ron Howard and his crew asked this question constantly when filmming Apollo 13.

"Marty" refers to Martin Scorsese, director of Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver. Many consider him to be one of the greatest living directors. One of the things he is known for is his innovative camera angles and movements.
Bill: "Jerry, I want to try something cool with this next shot, any ideas?"
Jerry: I don't know, WWMD?
by Anthony Tutrone January 22, 2007
Stands for "What Would Michelle Do"

When in doubt people should ask themselves what Michelle Phelps the worlds fastest female swimmer would do. She is very insightful and makes very good decisions.

"Swim 5000 yards'
by MichellePhelps December 13, 2009
What would mandy do?
"Dam man...so the other day I couldnt decide between ketchup and mayo...so i though to myself and was like dude! WWMD!
by inyoface February 08, 2006
What Would Mitnick Do?

For all the Hackers out there. You should know who Kevin Mitnick is.
Incase of wanting to hack ask yourself, WWMD?
by Nerd February 13, 2005
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