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Whenever you're in trouble or in a serious situation and stuck what to do..
just think:
What Would Louis Chatburn Do?

and you'll have your answer
Man #1 - Oh no! my girlfriend just dumped me.. what do i do?..
Man #2 - WWLCD?
Man #1 - Sweet! I'm gonna go round and kill her!
by The XIVth May 10, 2009
Short for What Would Lolcat do?
- I lost my wallet!
- Dunno
by trn.hu September 08, 2008
Abbreviation for What Would Lauren Conrad Do? Used most often by shopping brainless drama queens who actually watch The Hills for funsies.
Girl 1: Should I buy this black purse or this red one?

Girl 2: I don't know, WWLCD?
by digg it betch March 25, 2009