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What would Daryl Dixon Do?
Zombies are coming! WWDDD? Keep calm and aim for the head

I'm hungry, WWDDD? Kill some squirrels (or owls or any other animal you can get)

We're about to die. WWDDD? "All right. It's as good a night as any."

I have to choose between friends and crazy brother. WWDDD? Choose your brother, because you have a code you live by, but realize your friends need you and you need them, go back because you have honor.

There's someone about to be attacked (by zombies or something equally bad). WWDDD? Be cool, pull up on your motorcycle and say "Come on, I ain't got all day"
by Glitter Fading July 02, 2013
6 -2
What Would Don Draper Do
Guy 1: Man this chick i screwed is messing with me now what should I do?


Guy 1: You mean I should go and grab her by the pussy and she will obey every single of my words?

Gy 2:...
by Dr.Step January 29, 2011
14 5