"We Were Better". Used in competitive gaming as an end of the match saying. Kinda like "GG WP" which is "Good Game, Well Played", but wwb doesn't take the high road.
"So we played a 5v5 in dota and these guys were all like GG WP but nah man, simple WWB"
by sellek January 14, 2016
World Wide Bullshit. The next level up from bullshit, that is bullshit beyond bullshit. Something completely and outrageously untrue.
When Chris said he could perfect expert Freebird, he was full of WWBS.
by Andrew Sword December 20, 2007
warrington wild boyz...... and mad crew from warrington england,(uk).. taking pills and smokeing weed really using most drugs...
dont fuck with the wwb.. they will fuck you up
by jackowwb December 12, 2006
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