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Walking,Talking, Oxy-MORON!noun. A person, or what I like to consider to be an complete idiot!, who proclaims statements so loud and boastfully and turns around and does the total opposite. Now This context may be taken several ways? Many abusive family members thrive on the innocence and heartbreak of an"underdog". This is not so, or at least should not be. Until the victim comes to realize that they DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!, may they simply walk away and proclaim with pride......I do not need any of your WTOM BULLSHIT ANY MORE!!!
Between my whole natural Family, consisting of one natural Father?, one natural Mother? and one natural Brother? Why is that when I truly need help and ask and receive, that My WTOM Parents do no evil, or have ever done, but expect perfection from an A/Typical bi/polar, craziest bitch from hell?
IRONIC I SAY!! Please don't let me be in your position at your age!! THANK GOD!! AND I AM A BLESSED CHILD AND I CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY THE SAME AS JESUS! I COCIDER HIM A LONG TIME DISTANT RELATIVE!! YES p.s. I am In MY MID 40s. And I AM still being treated like a baby.
by tigerlily70sbaby November 30, 2013
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