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An acronym for "welcome to my life".
"My car broke down and I missed my flight. WTML."
by BabyKat October 19, 2009
an abbriviation for what the man lard
Joe: "Dude wtml is up with cheese???"
Bob: "Wtml are you talking about???"
by wukigerhurger August 21, 2005
Welcome To My Life
John: F me, I cant go, i have to babysit

Steve: Wtf, Why does your mom always make you do shit like that

by sickk ninja July 27, 2010
The Wiki equivalent of HTML. Stands for WikiText Markup Language.
WTML= WikiText Markup Language
by Axmann February 28, 2009
wtml - what the make love
used to replace wtf(what the fuck), since fuck is the same as making love.
wtml can be used by anyone, said anytime since it does not contain any vulgarities.
usually used in chatrooms or forums or even in between conversations.

<fred>hey, look at what that babe is licking.
<fred's friend>wtml!?!?!
by softie January 22, 2006
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