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Way Too High To Function.
When said baker is too stoned to do anything right or do anything at all in general. Just sit and wait until your less high and able to do simple things again like text someone back or remember how to use the microwave... It's like that first bake of the day right after you get off work. Fat bowl gone in a second straight to the dome. Gone. Or in the summertime baking all afternoon on a blanket in the park. Too high to do anything but lay down and enjoy the weather. Or sometimes it could be that bowl that turns you into a BHD (Big High Dummy). Example: Stopping at a green light.
-Want to come to Walmart with me?
-No, because A)I'm WTHTF. Can't be in public. And B)this couch is too comfortable... and look, Tim & Eric is on Adult Swim right now.
by Kitchen Kait April 04, 2011

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