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(1)To have a large quantity of individual flavored butter cups that have suddenly exploded in the oven while they were baking.

(2)A remark made by hookers after a very sexual encounter with a giraffe.
(3)A compliment made by horny teenagers to encourage their male/female companion to anal themselves with a spoon.
(4)The process of pissing yourself in front of a cow.
(1)I was in the effort of making a batch of butter cups, when they suddenly WTFbuttercup.
(2)Quoted by Justin Beiber - "Oh my, that was the most interesting WTFbuttercup I have ever had! That was so yummy! But you owe me 50 bucks for it."
(3)C'mon hunny bunny, if you WTFbuttercup, I'll give you a Portugese breakfast tomorrow morning!
(4)Aw man, I WTFbuttercupp(ed).
by aaroneatsbabies June 06, 2010