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Accronym for "What The Fuck Mate", basically the Australian version of WTF (What The Fuck)
Vanessa "Darling i fucked Nathan last night"

Robert "WTFM! You Fucked my dad WTFM!"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
12 6
Write The F****ing Manual. Based on the term RTFM. Used when a lack of documentation exists for a given system.
User: Where do I find that?
User: WTFM first, jerk
by Dog Grinder September 22, 2004
21 5
What The Fudge Muffin???
used as an inside joke between friends or by those who don't wish to offend those around them. A substitute for WTF??
Person one: I just found a pencil I lost 6 months ago! YAY!!!
Person two: WTFM??
by saywhaat? February 17, 2010
8 3
what the fuck man?
Person: -drunk talk-
by Corrupted X Edge November 23, 2010
2 0
What the Funky Monkey- Used by those who do not wish to offend conservative, religious, or old people. It is a suitable exchange for the expression WTF
Jason: Dude, all the people are like flying, so are you!
Freddie: WTFM?

by coolphilip04 March 17, 2009
9 7