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Write The F****ing Manual. Based on the term RTFM. Used when a lack of documentation exists for a given system.
User: Where do I find that?
User: WTFM first, jerk
by Dog Grinder September 22, 2004
Accronym for "What The Fuck Mate", basically the Australian version of WTF (What The Fuck)
Vanessa "Darling i fucked Nathan last night"

Robert "WTFM! You Fucked my dad WTFM!"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
What The Fudge Muffin???
used as an inside joke between friends or by those who don't wish to offend those around them. A substitute for WTF??
Person one: I just found a pencil I lost 6 months ago! YAY!!!
Person two: WTFM??
by saywhaat? February 17, 2010
What the Funky Monkey- Used by those who do not wish to offend conservative, religious, or old people. It is a suitable exchange for the expression WTF
Jason: Dude, all the people are like flying, so are you!
Freddie: WTFM?

by coolphilip04 March 17, 2009
What the fuck man. Used in anger or resentment for someone's actions.
Guy 1: your girlfriend wanted to sleep with me, so I let her

Guy 2: wtfm!!
by Boxer June 15, 2016
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