A moment where something so surprising or ridiculous happens that the onlooker can only exclaim "wtf?!".
I was sitting down at the table for our formal dinner when this dude with aviators, a flannel shirt, and a mullet walked in. It was the ultimate wtf moment.
by sixoclockshadow May 12, 2005
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Sarah Palin's jab at Obama's "Winning The Future" statement in the SOTU.
Sarah Palin on Greta van Susteran: "That was just another WTF Moment!"
by Supersize_my_fries January 28, 2011
when something so stupid and random happens the only three words tht can be said are wtf
i was watchin dr. phil this one time when suddenly dr. phil used the analogy "thats like havin a tooth with no toothbrush" i was so pissed off the only three words tht could be said were wtf
or when u flip on mtv and see some ass clown rappin bout bangin some ho or gettin some bling. tht is the ultimate wtf moment
by alex z April 19, 2006

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